Thank you for writing about the importance of forests in the US. I enjoyed your article and appreciate your call for more writing about trees. One aspect of reforestation that I am interested in is how agroforestry can restore trees on land currently devoted to annual row crop agriculture. I work for the Savanna Institute, and we are catalyzing the widespread adoption of agroforestry in the Midwest. We recently partnered with Joe Fargione at TNC on a large grant-funded project to scale up tree planting on farms. I think the combination of agroforestry, the Homegrown National Park Movement, and Food Forests can help slow and potentially reverse the deforestation trend. I am working to help people connect with trees in their yards so they can develop a deeper appreciation, commitment, and willingness to advocate for trees.

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Worst deforestation is happening in western Ukraine just now


I could not find it @ english RT, but there are translating programs.

Shifting from wood & coal to oil & gas was very good for forests, but now crazy people spread the idea, that burning fresh biomass is better for what ever, as burning old biomass.

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You contradicted yourself. Lumber for houses is the main driver of deforesation in the United States, close to half of the total. Other countries build their houses with masonry, concrete, and steel. Their houses last for centuries. Ours last for decades. Google Earth the West Coast. It's a disaster zone of clearcuts and failed monoculture tree plantations.

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